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Lead and Serve from the Heart

4 weekends of transformative sessions over a 7 month period

What you'll walk away with



Awareness of how neurological, biological, and relational design shape our stories.



Deeper healing in your own story in order to more healthily and effectively serve others.



A greater capacity to help people through the context of integrity and authenticity.



A complete resource library and workbook to reference for years to come.

Who your guides will be

Sage Hill Training leaders have more than 75 years of combined experience with helping others.


Chip Dodd


Creator of the Spiritual Root System™, Executive Director of CPE, author of The Voice of the Heart, and founder of Sage Hill.


Stephen James


Executive Director of Sage Hill Counseling in Nashville, TN and author of Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys.


Phil Herndon


Clinical Director of CPE in Nashville, TN. Former pastor at North Ft. Worth Baptist Church.

What is the Spiritual Root System™?

Sage Hill Training uses the transformative power of the Spiritual Root System™ to help you be of maximum service.

The more we feel, the more we will need.

You and I were created with needs much more powerful than food, clothing, and shelter. We have emotional and spiritual needs that reveal the truth about our vulnerability.

We were created to need more for ourselves, more from others, and more with God. Just as we are created as emotional beings, we are created also as needy beings. The reality is that the more we feel, the more we will need. This is good news because our needs speak forth our humanity, which in turn, joins us to all others.

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Learn more about Needs in Needs of the Heart ebook


Once we've recognized our needs, desire is the energy that moves us toward fulfillment and expression.

Desire, the hunger for life, is the energy that moves you toward fulfillment and expression. Desire is a pure glimpse of who you're made to be. If you are in contact with the depths of your heart, you will desire whatever is noble, pure, lovely, admirable, true, right, and excellent–and you will hunger to participate in creating these things.

You will desire fulfillment of needs, expression of feelings, and a hunger for life.

Longings are soulful wishes that yearn for fulfillment.

Longings are the heart's deep emotional and spiritual cravings for justice, rest, peace, safety, and home. They are both painful and wonderful–painful because they never will be completely fulfilled on earth, wonderful because we can have enough to teach us that we can wait for more.

Deep longings of the heart include rest, peace, justice, home, and more of who God is.

Hope is the inextinguishable agent that seeks fulfillment of our createdness—which is to feel, need, desire, and long.

Hope is the heart's passion for life. It is the inextinguishable flame that illuminates our hunger for relationship. Hope is the voice that calls us to look, to believe, and to trust. To risk hoping builds faith.

Hope helps me to remember my faith and leads me back to my feelings.

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Chip Dodd has used the Spiritual Root System™ as a guide to help people live fully, love deeply, and lead well. The Spiritual Root System™ helps us see our humanity holistically—our physiology, psychology, biology, and spirituality. With this better understanding of who we’re made to be, we can more fully do what we’re made to do.

The Spiritual Root System™ synthesizes common themes of Christian theology, counseling psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and the arts into a simple meeting of life’s relational complexity.

Dig deeper into the Spiritual Root System™.

Dates for 2018-2019

September 6-8,

November 8-10,

February 7-9,

March 28-30,


How the weekends will be scheduled

Training includes teaching and small group work, as well as reading and written assignments.


2:00 pm  |  Welcome & Orientation

3:30 pm  |  Teaching

5:00 pm  |  Dinner Break

6:30 pm  |  Teaching

7:30pm   |  Process Group


8:30 am    |  Teaching

10:45 am  |  Process Group

12:30 pm  |  Lunch Break

2:00 pm    |  Teaching

3:15 pm     |  Process Group

5:00 pm    |  Dinner Break

6:30 pm    |  Process Group


8:30 am    |  Teaching

11:00 am  |  Q&A and Discussion

12:30 pm  |  Weekend Concludes

What you'll invest


Experience over 80 combined hours of interactive learning and growth.

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